Refer to the BDL Handbook for: Rosters, Substitutes, Player Eligibility, Dues, Fees and Payouts.

Boise Dart Leage Handbook

Match Format
Matches consist of teams of two to four players playing 18 legs of Cricket, 301, 501, and 701 (ScoreSheet).

Singles 301 games are worth one point each; pairs Cricket and 501 games are worth 2 points each; the game of 701 (all play) is worth 3 points.

During the regular season all games are played. Standings are determined by match win-loss record. If necessary, points differential then head-to-head results are used to break ties. In the playoffs, the first team to reach 16 points wins the match i.e., the remaining games need not be played.

The ScoreSheet includes sections for each team to record any highlights (described more thoroughly on the Awards page) achieved during the match.

Sample Scoresheet
Below is a partially filled-out sample scoresheet in which a 3-player team is playing a 2-player team.

  • In the first game (501), Carl & Betty (players 1 and 2 of the Home team) play against Ethel & Frank as specified by the '3P' column on the Home Team side and the '2P' column on the Away Team side.
    Note that the columns that do not apply to this match (4P for both teams; 2P for the Home Team and 3P for the Away Team) have been crossed-out to make it easier to determine which players are to be play each game.
    The Home Team (Carl or Betty) starts the first game of the match; subsequent games are started by a player from the team that lost the preceding game.
    In the final game (701), players from each side play in the order specified on the roster (i.e., Carl-Betty-Dan; Ethel-Frank).
  • Game score point values (1 pt. for 301; 2 pts. from 501 and Cricket; 3 pts. for 701) are listed in the column for the team that won that game and a 0 is listed in the other team's column.
  • In the highlights sections, note that there are separate areas for the various types of highlights.
    • The Cricket highlights (a hat trick; 3 7-mark turns and a 9-mark turn) achieved by Ethel (E) and Frank (F) are in the lower section of the Visiting Team's highlight area.
    • Likewise, in the lower area on the Home Team side, Carl has written his 11-dart 301 game.
    • In the middle area of the Home Team side are Dan's High In (301 only) of 88 and Betty's High Out (either 301 or 501) of 127. High In and High Out are not limited to scores of 95 and above; however, only the best In and the best Out are rewarded in each Division (A/B) so later in the season it may become clear to Dan that recording an 88 is not worth his effort.
    • At the top of each highlight area are the "regular high scores" i.e., not Ins; not Outs just scores that are 95 or higher. Legibility is very helpful here -- putting a player's name (or initial) only at the beginning of the line (or lines) containing his scores can save space. The way that Dan has written is 121 may look good when the chalker does it during the game but in this context it can lead to confusion for the person entering the scores. If you're having an MvG-level night, feel free to write all your scores on the back of the sheet (please make a note that you have done so on the front).